The Gamer Theory Re-Launch (WTF IS HAPPENING HERE?!)

As you have noticed, Gamer Theory is looking a bit different. While I won’t bore you all with the details, I’ll give a few reasons why you’re seeing Gamer Theory looking how it is and fill you in with what’s going to happen with our old articles and reviews. Here’s the basic rundown of why Gamer Theory is re-launching:

  • Our former web host (Network Solutions) was INCREDIBLY difficult to work with
  • A forced server upgrade by NetSol broke Gamer Theory badly and getting it running again was a huge chore. Keeping it running was becoming impossible without a total re-write of the site. Not possible.
  • Technologically, Gamer Theory’s core functionality had aged to the point where customizing anything became difficult and time cosuming
  • WordPress isn’t perfect, but it can offer the flexibility and stability to get GT back on track
  • Site upgrades won’t destroy our internal linking structure or strip the site of functionality
  • Security! Hackers were beginning to exploit the old GT site and keeping one step ahead was difficult
  • Speed. The old GT was was great in its time, but working with it became too cumbersome. Content will be delivered more quickly and it will encourage more articles to be written by myself and any future staff members.

So what’s going to happen to the old content? Well, unfortunately much of it was lost when NetSol “upgraded” our hosting server. I was able to back up some content, including most of the reviews we had posted in the past, but not everything was saved. I will republish content that still holds up against the test of time, but it will most likely be as “text only” versions of the content. Videos and images will be absent from legacy articles. All previously published content will marked as “From the Vault” and will easily be searchable. Some content has been put live at as well.

Look for Vault articles and new articles to start showing up in the coming days. I’m still settling on a design and set of features to fully launch with, but at least the site is live once more. Thanks for hanging in there. Thanks for being a reader of Gamer Theory.

Oh, and for those that used the forums? Hang tight…I’ll have them up as soon as I can.