Nintendo announces the New 2DS XL

New 2DS XL

Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced that a new DS model is coming to market. The New 2DS XL is essentially a New 3DS XL, but with the 3D functionality removed. The naming is confusing, I know, but what Nintendo is releasing here is actually pretty cool. Priced at $149.99 and coming on July 28th, the New 2DS XL keeps the 3DS platform relevant and at a very friendly entry price point.

While many expect Nintendo to scale down 3DS development and begin to focus most resources on the Switch, the 3DS is still selling strong, and Nintendo expects that to continue through 2017. With some still noteworthy releases on the horizon, it seems that Nintendo is looking to take their time easing the 3DS platform into retirement.

For kids, travelers, and just fans of portable gaming, the New 2DS XL looks like a great value. Unless you’re won over by 3D capability, this appears to be the best way to experience the DS/3DS release library. We’ll know more as release nears. Below is Nintendo’s announcement video.