Sony at E3 2017 – A Reserved Showing

Sony came out at E3 2017 and leaned heavily on the “we have a lot of games” message that they’ve been pounding for the last couple of years. The message works, and it rings true. Sony has done an amazing job this generation at winning over the hardcore and casual gamer alike by focusing on gaming first and foremost with the PlayStation 4 and leaving secondary functions of the machine to be just that…secondary.

With barely a mention of the Vita, as usual, Sony kept the focus on the PlayStation 4 and its upcoming lineup. In contrast to Microsoft, Sony is boasting a healthy lineup from interior development teams. God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC all point to a very active and a strong direction for Sony’s own development efforts.

It wasn’t just Sony itself that gave plenty of positive vibes for the PlayStation 4, third parties also had some nice showings for Sony. Destiny 2 will launch early on the PS4, which is important for those who absolutely need to be on the forefront of the growing meta for these sorts of games. Despite seemingly waning interest in VR, third parties are still stepping up and creating experiences for Sony VR, including Bethesda and Square-Enix.

Most everything that Sony showed looked good, even great. Missing from this year, however, was that big bombshell moment. We all love a good surprise, and Sony didn’t have that for us in 2017. I do think that God of War and Spider-Man looking as good as they do go a long way towards easing the feeling that we missed out on the big, unknown reveal.

For Sony fans, there’s plenty to be happy about, and Spider-Man may move a few systems when it releases. I just don’t think that Sony really needs to swing for the fences right now as they’re already playing the role of frontrunner in the console war. We’ll see if the Switch continues to surge in popularity and sales and if that creates a little bit of a fire under Sony in 2018.