NeoGAF’s owner makes his statement, reeks of narcissism

Tyler Malka, aka as EviLore, finally responded to the sexual harassment allegations made against him. The allegations caused an uproar on the NeoGAF forums, which caused several site admins and moderators to resign and walk away. Hundreds of angry forum members have also engaged in open protest and people are being banned right and left from the site. Following the outbreak of protest, the site was taken offline for a couple of days while Tyler Malka prepared his statement. Last night, Tyler responded. I’ve taken a screenshot in case it gets pulled down after a short time. Click to enlarge the image. My response follows after the image.

I hardly know where to start. This is absolute garbage. If Tyler believes his own words, he’s delusional and doesn’t understand the gravity of his actions. If he’s just lying to try and save face, well, he’s truly a monster that believes he can get away with anything because he’s “influential.” 

Everything comes back to YOU, doesn’t it, Tyler? You’re being treated poorly, aren’t you? People are out to get you! You. You. YOU! There’s not admission of wrongdoing, no recognition of the possibly life-altering transgressions you’ve committed against women. Here are a few facts, Tyler:

  1. In the past you’ve willfully and happily harassed women
  2. You grabbed woman’s butt for approaching you and asking you to buy her a drink
  3. You posted nude photos of a forum member’s girlfriend online publicly and helped spread them
  4. You’ve protected a pedophile and later claimed ignorance despite proof that you knew what you were doing
  5. You’ve forced unwanted advances on women and treated them poorly for denying those advances
  6. You have always failed to take responsibility for your actions

You’re well beyond the point of a second chance. It’s over. Good people aren’t always being implicated in these types of behavior. And you’re not just implicated, there’s hard proof of many awful things. Now is the time to own up to everything and ask for forgiveness, not to expect it.

Tyler Malka, you’re a narcissistic scumbag, and you’re lucky that you’re not in prison and on a sex offender registry. What’s crazy in all this is that the women you’ve railroaded in your life have been less vindictive than you have been…AND YOU ARE THE OFFENDER. Go away, Tyler. We’ve had enough of EviLore for a lifetime.