Review: Summer Sale

By: Rocco Campagna

Review: Summer Sale

Reviewed: June 18, 2016

Summer sale, summer sale, summer sale! The Steam summer sale is only a few days away, and who doesn't love a good Steam sale? Steam sales are about looking at your wishlist, seeing all those games you had a passing interest in now have huge discounts, picking them up, and then finding out that you now have 40+ new games of which only two are good. Summer Sale tries to make a statement about that. Developed by Ductape Studio (credits in the game say it was programmed by "SwagPaladin"), Summer Sale is a pastiche of the Steam storefront. You got your clicker game, your zombie game, your indie platformer, your game based around bathroom activities done with one's parents. The player's goal is to purchase all these games and... that's it. That's the game. In order to purchase the games, the player needs coins. In order to obtain coins, one can play three games (within the game): A game wherein the player launches aspects of PC gaming that make it superior to console gaming from a rocket at airplanes dropping messages of console inferiority, a continuously scrolling game wherein the player can jump over obstacles and obtain coins, and a clicker wherein the player clicks to gain coins. None of these are amusing and they're all shoddily made.


When the player has enough money to buy a game, they can go to the storefront and click on a discounted title to be taken to its store page, just like on Steam's storefront. The store page is filled with references to the superiority of PC gaming and mock comments that reflect some of the most popular comments seen on game pages on Steam. From the game's page, one can add the game to their cart, purchase it, and then play it. Yes, each game within this game is playable and each one is as awful and poorly made as the last. At one point whilst playing a game (within this game), I was shown a mock Blue Screen of Death and my game was shut down – my entire game, that is, as in the whole Summer Sale game.


One also has the ability to browse the internet within the game, or at least a few sites that parody memes again regarding the superiority of PC gaming. Occasionally pop-ups will appear, reminding the player to upgrade to an Operating System that's a play on Windows 10 or sign up for a fake dating site.


The developer is making a statement with this game. The developer is trying to show the player that there is a problem with the Steam storefront when any junk game is able to make it onto Steam nowadays, when there is a lot less excitement nowadays for these Steam sales because one has to wade through a huge pile of trash in order to find something good. Unfortunately, there is nothing good about this game. I spent less than an hour on it, making sure to play each game within the game, and there was nothing enjoyable or intriguing.

1 Star out of 5

Do you NEED to play this game?: No. Even as a joke, the game is not worth your time. If someone buys you this, tell them that ripping a dollar up in front of your face would have been a better outcome for the dollar.

The game's name is Summer Sale and it is currently available on Steam at the regular price of $.99. I played the game for 32 minutes and obtained 5/6 achievements.

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