Rare Atari 2600 game sells for over $33,000 at auction

By: Jeff Rivera

Rare Atari 2600 game sells for over $33,000 at auction

For those not familiar with Game Gavel, it's an eBay alternative for gamers, especially for those who are looking to buy and sell retro games and consoles. Every couple of months, Game Gavel seems to be home to an auction that features a pretty rare game and often the prices skyrocket into ranges where only the world's most diehard and deep pocketed collectors are capable of bidding. Most times, these huge ticket games are centered around gaming's earliest consoles, such as the Atari 2600.

Ending yesterday, a complete boxed copy of Air Raid for the Atari 2600 sold at auction for the grand total of $33,433.30. This copy of Air Raid is truly a one of a kind as it's the only known complete copy of the game to exist and it's the first time it's gone to auction. The cart had 31 total bids with the final price nearly doubling on the final day.

I'm currently on a hunt to collect all of the North American retail released NES games. Seeing stuff like this always makes me go a little crazy as this single Atari 2600 cart could pay for my endeavor multiple times over. As much as I love games and love collecting them, I don't think I could leave something worth nearly $35,000 on the shelf, no matter how deeply attached I felt to it.

Air Raid Atari 2600

Congrats to the seller for raking in an incredible final sale price, and congratulations to the new buyer who is the proud owner of a truly unique piece of gaming history.

Link to the original auction: Air Raid at Game Gavel.

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